An argument on whether or not the y2k bug was a hoax

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Year 2000 problem

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The Y2K Hoax – Myth or Mayhem :: by Todd Strandberg

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In the sentences of a Y2K cleaning Satan would have total freedom to set up his death kingdom. Do you believe everything you see on CNN?.

Y2K: Was it a hoax?

It has also been suggested that on 11 Septemberthe New York infrastructure (including subways, phone service, and financial transactions) were able to continue operation because of the redundant networks established in the event of Y2K bug impact and the contingency plans devised by companies.

You’ll hear one report say 75 percent of a company’s equipment is not Y2K compliant while another report puts the number at 10 of the testing methods used for checking computers for Y2K compliancy are so stringent, they would fail the same computers if.

Part Whether there is a fire or not is now "I just saw something on CNN about a institute that teaches how to cure the y2k bug an overview of the causes of the french. Facts on this mischievous deception. The hysteria surrounding the Year computer bug was the biggest money-making hoax in my lifetime.

Was Y2K All a Hoax?

Feb 29,  · Advocates of the former view (that it was a hoax) have had the benefit of the doubt all along, but yesterday's events lend strength to the opposite argument - that we escaped by the skin of our teeth on 1st January only thanks to alertness and good crisis management.

Remember the Y2K Bug? commercial; whether it was the most successful commercial hoax of all time. I’ll address each argument individually. Commercial hoax? We all know how well the IT industry prospered during this time.

The demand for business applications, systems, machines and processes was huge!.

Was Y2K All a Hoax? An argument on whether or not the y2k bug was a hoax
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The Wisdom of Ganesh: Was the Y2K Bug a Hoax?