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The Bob Hawke Collection

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Franklin Dam controversy

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Bob Hawke: Obama 'inadequate' in resolving Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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Cabinet papers 1988-89: Bob Hawke acted alone in offering asylum to Chinese students

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Before the Barbanby Joyce affair there was the enormously controversial affair between Bob Hawke and his biographer, Blanche D'Alpuget. Leigh Sales sat down with Ms D'Alpuget to talk about her. Part of a series that pairs leading Australian thinkers and cultural figures with important themes in life, this moving tribute to the author’s muse-turned-husband, the former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke, this revealing essay will both surprise and touch readers with its honesty.

Essay Notes. T he major ways the white Australians treated the indigenous wrongly in the past. Bob Hawke did not keep his “promise” to the Indigenous people because the Australian government did not want to waste time and serious talks and conferences on a “in-important” matter.

At the time the Australian government were dealing. Newly released cabinet papers for the years and have revealed the fears of the government of Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke during the earliest years of the AIDS epidemic. Nov 21,  · Ethan hawke hamlet analysis essay. Posted on November 21st, by.

Declassified papers reveal Australian Government’s fear 25,000 already had HIV in 1988

Hair Hair trends are constantly changing, whether its ombre hair or a messy bob, people will go out of [ ]» Read More. 3 Tips to Becoming a Successful Hairstylist. Posted on September 12th, by Ms. Roberts. Power Trip The political journey of Kevin Rudd. David Marr.

Extract Nor was he a favourite son like Bob Hawke. Nor did he wrest the leadership after long internal warfare as Paul Keating did. This is an extract from David Marr's Quarterly Essay, Power Trip: The .

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