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I’m Not Scared

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I'm Not Scared Essay

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Oct 31,  · Hi all. I've just done a Part 1 essay on I'm Not Scared within the 1 hour time limit, and I'm wondering if I could get any opinions or a mark out of 10 if possible?

I’m Not Scared

I'm Not Scared written by Niccolo Ammaniti. In this book Michele Amitrano, the main character who shares his experience about the summer oflives in the tiny five-house community of Aqua Traverse located in rural Italy.3/5(1).

Essay Winning awards¶ story µI¶m not scared¶ by Niccolo Ammaniti begins with an epigraph by the famous English writer, Jack London:´ That much he knew.

He had fallen into darkness.

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In the novel I’m Not Scared, Pino Amitrano is portrayed as the villain who committed a heinous crime and betrayed his son. Pino was a man of principles and integrity who loved his family whole heartedly, yet somehow he was overcome by greed and fear which prompted.

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Is not scared essay
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