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Should we legalize prostitution? – Essay

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Why I'm Against Legalizing Prostitution. difference between me and a woman who prostitutes herself is that the seeds that would have launched me onto a path of prostitution were not watered.

Free Essay: Prostitution is considered to be the oldest profession in the world. Many people support the idea of legalizing prostitution, while others do. The Sex Trade: Slavery and Prostitution Essay - Individuals around the world are faced with inhumane treatments and conditions daily.

“Traffickers use force, fraud or coercion, including techniques such as containment, beatings, rape, confiscation of documents, debt bondage, false owners of employment, and threats of harm” in order to maintain control over their slaves (Potocky, ).

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Many people consider legalizing prostitution as “opening Pandora’s box,” because prostitution is a profession people consider ‘immoral.’ Prostitution has no good sense about it. Many prostitutes are forced to work on the street, and many take drugs, not to mention that they help spread diseases such as the infamous HIV AIDS.

Not legalizing prostitution essay
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