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Life of State Walter Q. A "Caribbean Carnival", precursor of the Notting Hill Carnival was held on 30 January in St Pancras Town Hall, organised by activist Claudia Jones as a response to the riots and the state of race relations in Britain at the time.

In Notting Hill in race riots went on for five nights over an August bank holiday weekend. There were also severe riots in Nottingham in the same year. In the s Britain had used informal immigration control methods as the government was desperate to maintain good.

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On the 23rd of Augustthe country’s “forgotten” race riot unfolded on the streets of Nottingham, culmination of simmering tension, sparked finally over opposition to interracial romance, was a pre-cursor to the mass violence that followed a week later in the London district of Notting Hill.

Notting hill race riots 1958 essay writer
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