Selling organs should not be legalized essay

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Should people be allowed to sell their organs?

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Jan 05,  · The main purpose of my essay is to claim that to get a better financial life does not mean that poor people should sell their organs for money. People cannot have a good life unless they are healthy. Buying and selling human organs is not a way to go unless the patient wouldn’t be able to survive without the organ.

Source. Castro, L. (). Whether or not the selling of human organs should be legalized is a strongly debated issue.

Selling Organs Should Not Be Legalized Essay Paper

In the book Why Some Things Should Not Be Sold, Debra Satz presents a detailed case on why selling human organs should not be legalized, and how regulations could possibly make a difference. Compensation is legal for pregnancy surrogacy, egg donation and participation in medical trials; organ donation for profit would not constitute an unprecedented medical or social practice.

Though insurance companies now legally pay for the immediate costs associated with an organ donation, legalizing organ sales would help cover long-term medical costs for donors. Jul 03,  · How much would it take for you to consider selling your bone marrow?

How much would it take for you to consider selling your bone marrow?. Jun 13,  · The libertarians argue that organ sales – not presumed consent, which they claim not only violates personal freedom, but also is ineffectual over the long run – is the answer.

Lives should not be wasted, they should be saved. Indirectly, there are many reasons why they sell the organs, where the organs mostly sold to and consequences of selling human organs. II Body A Most of the countries have organ selling issues from poor people to rich people and from less powerful people to the most powerful people.

Selling organs should not be legalized essay
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