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Past Winning Essays > Winning Essay by Peter Buttigieg Winning Essay by Peter Buttigieg David McCullough, historian and author of the Pulitzer prize-winning biography Truman; Alan Simpson, former U.S. Senator of Wyoming, and director of the Institute of Politics at Harvard University s Kennedy School of Government; and.

Simpson Prize competition 21 Mar, in curriculum / news by HTAA The Simpson Prize is a national competition for Year 9 and 10 students coordinated by HTAA and Sponsored by the Commonwealth Department of Education.

Jun 05,  · Simpson Prize Essays – Activate; Cart; Checkout; Consoles For Sale; Contact Us; Fortnite – Battle Royale. Simpson Prize Australian War Memorial Source Selection and their own research to produce either an essay of words or an audio visual presentation of no longer than ten minutes, accompanied by a written explanation of no more than words.

Novels. Simpson's novels are fictional and drawn from life experiences. Her first novel, Anywhere But Here (), was a critical and popular success, winning a Whiting describing her intentions for the novel, Simpson stated.

The Simpson Prize Advisory Committee and the History Teachers Association of Australia congratulates the finalists in the Simpson Prize Competition We have pleasure in announcing the Winners and Runners-below.

Winners (Winners essays can be accessed by clicking on the student name and school).

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