To vaccinate or not to vaccinate

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Why We Said NO to the Measles Vaccine

For parents looking for information on vaccines, the Web can be a confusing place. Misinformation abounds about a purported link between childhood vaccines and autism, and anti-vaccination Web.

Anti-Vaxxers Are Apparently Refusing to Vaccinate Their Dogs, and It’s As Bad As It Sounds

For many, the question of whether or not to vaccinate is a daunting one. The vaccination debate is plagued with a myriad of contradictions and conflicts, and. History and Etymology for vaccinate. earlier, "to inoculate with fluid from a cowpox pustule," back-formation from vaccination; in later extended sense, in part borrowed from French vacciner, verbal derivative of vaccin vaccine.

This past weekend, The March for Science, a series of rallies and marches was held in Washington, D.C., and more than other cities across the world on Earth Day, April 22, The immunisation schedule provides a summary of the vaccines that your child needs and the ages at which they should be given.

Delaying vaccination when your little one is .

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate
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March for Science "Vaccinate Your Kids": Parents of Vaccine Inured Respond "We Did"